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Cries from the Cage
CRIES FROM THE CAGE artist, David Drenth is offering all works from this Exhibit at HALF-PRICE!
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Artist List

This is a partial listing of the artists we have discovered since beginning the shows of Oregon Prison Art Work in 2008. If you know of some artists who might be included, please let us know.

The pictures that come up when you click on a name are “thumbnails”, and often are just DETAILS of the complete work. Click on the thumbnail to see the entire painting.

The artists represented here vary from those who have been doing art work since they were three to those who never tried to draw until they found themselves behind prison walls.

Some men devote their entire day to painting and drawing; others only work occasionally. Many of the works are available for purchase. Your purchase can do wonders to set an inmate moving in a constructive direction with his life.

Some of the artists use the money to buy art supplies; others send the money to their children, their parents, or their wives. Quite a few of the works that have been exhibited have been sold, but when an original is sold, you may still be able to purchase a fine quality giclee print (up to 13″ x 19″) or a card. Any contribution is appreciated, and we will make sure the money goes to the artist. Some artists have set definite prices on their works; others are open to offers. The works range in price from $20 to $2500. One or two artists are working through agents; those names are listed.

If you have any questions about the art works, please contact us.