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Cries from the Cage
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Christopher Lamont Williams

When Bernard Patrick was sent to Snake River Correctional Institution he began spreading the word about the “TIME” statewide traveling show.  One of the artists who came aboard was Christopher Lamont Williams, a 50 year old black inmate doing time for robbery who has made a study of the legal system and often helps inmates with legal work. With no pretensions to doing fine art,   Williams creates his own special brand of political cartoons, some very wry, sardonic and succinct comments on life in prison, and the whole subject of “doing TIME”.  He often signs his works “LAW DOG”,  and sometimes “a.k.a. Chris Bee.” When not creating political comment,  Williams subject matter turns to women (being terminally horny is a major problem for most inmates, especially in Oregon where  conjugal visits are NOT allowed), and at other times his African heritage shapes his designs, as  in “TRIBAL DESIGN” and “EXAMINATION” , which were used as the front and back covers of the notebook of Williams work which toured with the “TIME”  exhibit.