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Cries from the Cage
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George Espinoza

After the “TIME” Traveling show pieces had already been selected, we got some art work from an inmate at Snake River Correctional Institution who had heard about the show from one of the other inmates.  “Don’t know whether you can use this piece but I’ve just been having fun with the idea of “time”.  He began sending one delightful abstract piece after another, almost all 9″ x 12″ and all done with a great sense of color and design, almost like Tarot Cards or works from the Kabbalah.  People snapped them up, both as prints and originals.  We added them to shows at the Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center and at the Harbortown Events Center in Bandon.  The drawings kept coming all year long, until one day in October of 2011 when George wrote and said “this is all I’m doing for awhile; I’ve started on another project.”  Here are some of the images he sent, with the titles that came with each.