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Cries from the Cage
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Jack Retasket (Kah-Che-Chee)

Kah-Che-Chee (Jack Retasket) was one of the Native American artists selected from the INVISIBLE PEOPLE show organized by RED LODGE TRANSITION SERVICES to be part of the OREGON PRISON ART show at the Coos Art Museum in 2009.  Kah-Che-Chee had been removed from the reservation and forced to attend white men’s schools as a child, as happened to his father before him,  and this loss of his spiritual underpinnings was, for him, the source of his difficulties and the cause of his winding up in prison.  His work was not showy, but there was a strength and honesty to it that gave it special power.  These are the works he sent for the Coos Art Museum show.  The “Untitled” drawing was just a “doodle”  that he “threw in”, but we found it very moving, and included it.  All the works are done in graphite pencil.