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Cries from the Cage
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Robert Walker

Robert Walker is serving time at Snake River C.I. in Ontario.  He says he took up drawing while at Snake River, getting lessons in graphite pencil work from his cellie Jack Waldrop, one of the best known artists at the facility. (At Robert’s suggestion ,we included two of Jack’s pieces in the show at the Coos Art Museum.  See catalog.)  The first year (2009) he sent us two very nice pencil drawings, very modestly priced, which both found owners.  The next year, the two pieces he sent for the “TIME” statewide traveling show — an eagle flying over rippling waters ; and a deer half-hidden in the woods — showed a quantum leap in skill level.  We doubled the prices and both were snapped up by wild-life art fans.

Walker is scheduled for release early next year.  We wish him well!