Don't Miss this Show!
Cries from the Cage
CRIES FROM THE CAGE artist, David Drenth is offering all works from this Exhibit at HALF-PRICE!
Call Nella Abbott,
541-824-0777 or email.


Since 2008, curator Victoria Tierney has been organizing shows of Oregon Prison Art.  Here you can find information about these shows: where they were located; what artists participated; local response to the exhibits (news clippings; announcements for the shows ) and photographs of the installations.  If you have ideas for future shows, or know of shows that we could inform people about, please contact this website.

The Department of Corrections Headquarters in Salem (in “The Dome Building” on Center Street) has its own art show every year.  To learn about this exhibit please contact their  art program coordinator: Susan Roberts/ 2575 Center St. NE, Salem, OR 97301. (phone: 503-945-0952)

Many of the works from the “TIME” Statewide Traveling Show of Oregon Prison Art may still be seen at OLD CITY HALL in Coquille, Oregon, (corner of 2nd and Adams) and across the street from OLD CITY HALL  at U.S. Bank.  For more information call Old City Hall at 541-824-0777 or contact us.