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A Mother’s Love

Coos Art Museum Show, David Drenth, Lifer Show, Time Exhibition A Mother's Love

colored pencils on paper with a bird border in ball point pen
approx. 12″ x 18″

David Drenth was recommended to the Coos Art Museum curator Victoria Tierney by her son Blake Hodgetts (also included in the show) as one of the most extraordinary of the artists he had befriended at OSP.
Although health reasons prevented him from being able to create new works in acrylics for the Coos Art Museum show, Drenth created another one of his owl paintings, this one using colored pencils with a border of owls drawn with ball point pen. Like “EMPTY NEST #1 and “EMPTY NEST #2”, this piece shows not only the owl which Drenth killed as a young hunter in the wilds of Montana, but also the poor hatchling owl whom he unwittingly consigned to a dreadful abandoned fate. Incarcerated for being an accomplice at an unplanned homicide , (he did not pull the trigger, but was present at the event) Drenth has spent a lifetime contemplating the tragic consequences of violence, for the victim and for the perpetrator as well.

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