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Cries from the Cage
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The Plea Bargain

Coos Art Museum Show, David Drenth, Lifer Show The Plea Bargain

48″ x 48″ (SOLD)

This is the first painting by David Drenth to be purchased by Steve and Nella Abbott, and its purchase led to a voluminous correspondence between Nella and David, and her coming to represent David as his artistic agent.
The painting hangs at Steve Abbott’s law offices in the Old City Hall building in Coquille. It was Steve’s experience as a lawyer which first drew them to David’s vivid expression of how it felt to be present at the plea-bargaining session which resulted in a LIFE SENTENCE. As a very young man of about 20, David was present at a drug transaction where a man got killed. Although David did not pull the trigger he was nevertheless an “accessory to the crime” and has currently served 27 years in Oregon state prisons. His helplessness in the face of AUTHORITY is poignantly portrayed in this surrealistic work.

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  • David Drenth


  • Acrylic on Canvas